DHS Solved Question Paper

   Section – A

General Knowledge


1. The Aryans came to India from

Answer: Central Asia


2. Tripitakas are sacred books in which of the following religion

Answer: Buddhism


3. Who is called the Napoleon of Ancient India?

Answer: Samudragupta


4. King Porus was defeated by Alexander the Great in the battle of

Answer: Hydaspes


5. Who was the author of the book, Indica?

Answer: Megasthenes


6. Kautilya was the prime minister of which of the following Indian rulers?

Answer: Chandragupta Maurya


7. Who ascended the throne of Delhi Sultanate after the death of Qutub-ud-din Aibak?

Answer: Iltutmish


8. Who wrote the book, Ramcharitamanas?

Answer: Tulsidas


9. Which Mughal Emperor founded his own religion, Din-i-Illahi?

Answer: Akbar


10. The Quit India Movement was launched in the year



11. “Garba” dance is a dance from

Answer: Gujarat


12. The Elephanta Caves is situated near

Answer: Mumbai


13. Which of the following was written by Kalidasa?

Answer: Meghadutam


14. The classical dance of Andhra Pradesh is?

Answer: Kuchipudi


15. The “Desert festival” in India is held in

Answer: Jaisalmer


16. Which planet looks reddish in the night sky?

Answer: Mars


17. Which one of the following planets has the largest number of natural satellites of moons?

Answer: Jupiter


18. The Earth rotates on its axis from?

Answer: west to east


19. Through which of the following countries does the equator pass?

Answer: Brazil


20. Solar eclipse occurs when

Answer: moon comes between sun and earth


21. The speed of rotation of the Earth in kilometers per hour is the highest

Answer: along the equator


22. Which of the following is a metamorphic rock

Answer: Slate


23. Which one of the following countries is known as “land of thousand lakes”?

Answer: Finland


24. The strait that separates Europe from Africa is?

Answer: Strait of Gibraltar


25. Which is the deepest freshwater lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Baikal


26. Malta is located in which of the following seas?

Answer: Mediterranean sea


27. Which of the following European countries has post line with the Atlantic Ocean?

Answer: Portugal


28. The world’s largest coral reef is found near the coast of which of the following?

Answer: Australia


29. What is the capital of Turkey?

Answer: Ankara


30. What is the currency of Thailand?

Answer: Bhat


31. Which of the following Indian states does not have a coastline?

Answer: Rajasthan


32. Which of the following Indian states form the easternmost border of the country

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh


33. Which of the following rivers flow from the east to the west?

Answer: Narmada


34. Under which article of the Constitution is the President’s rule promulgated in any state in India?

Answer: Article 356


35. POCSO act is related to

Answer: Children


36. Two atoms are said to be isotopes if

Answer: They have the same atomic number but different mass numbers


37. The loudness of sound is related to

Answer: amplitude


38. The phenomenon of total internal reflection is observed in which of the following

Answer: Sparkling diamond


39. Electricity is produced in a dry cell through conversion of energy from

Answer: chemical energy


40. The main constituent of vinegar is

Answer: Acetic Acid


41. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with

Answer: Teflon


42. Which of the following elements is found in all organic compounds?

Answer: Carbon


43. Which of the following acid is a mineral acid?

Answer: Hydrochloric Acid


44. Which of the following is an example of chemical change?

Answer: Rusting of iron utensils


45. Which of the following is the lightest metal?

Answer: Lithium


46. Scurvy is caused by deficiency in

Answer: Vitamin C


47. Which of the following gland produces growth hormone in human?

Answer: Pituitary Gland


48. Which of the following diseases is caused by bacteria?

Answer: Tuberculosis 


49. Which of the following diseases is also known as “breakbone fever”?

Answer: Dengue


50. The site for cellular respiration in animal cells is?

Answer: Mitochondria

Section – B

General English


51. What is the synonym of “Occupation”?

Answer: Job


52. What is the antonym of “Cautious”?

Answer: Careless


53. Which of the following is not a collective noun?

Answer:  Nation


54. Which abstract noun is formed from the verb “obey’?

Answer: Obedience


55. What is the female gender of “hero”?

Answer: Heroine


56. What is the plural of “handkerchief”?

Answer: Handkerchiefs


57. Use the correct adjective to fill up the following sentence: ” suddenly there arose a ____ storm.”

Answer: Violent


58. What is the superlative of “inner”?

Answer: Innermost


59. Complete the following sentence using the correct option: ” I will not buy ______ mangoes.”

Answer: any


60. Fill in the blanks with the correct article: ” I have only _____ one rupee note with me.”

Answer: a


61. Fill in the blanks with the correct pronoun: ” You and Hari have idled away _____ time.”

Answer: your


62. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb: ” the wounded man was _____ helped by some boys.”

Answer: sympathetically


63. What is the past participle of “wear”?

Answer: worn


64. Use the correct adverb to complete the following sentence: ” he has ____ seen a tiger ”

Answer: never


65. Fill in the blanks with the correct preposition: ” he leaned ____ the wall and waited for me”

Answer: against


66. What is the verb form of “bath”?

Answer: bathe

In American English, bath is always a noun. The verb form is to bathe.

In British English, bath is also a verb


67. What is the diminutive form of “hill”?

Answer: Hillock


68. Use the correct option to complete the following phrase:  ” from _______ to worse”

Answer: bad


69. What is the meaning of the idiom, ” turn deaf ear to”?

Answer: disregard


70. Complete the following English proverb with the correct option given below: ” No _______ , no gains”

Answer: pains


71. What is the past tense of bite?

Answer: bit


72. What is the single word for the phrase “in spite of”?

Answer: notwithstanding


73. What is a group of sheep known as?

Answer: flock


74. What is the opposite gender of “wizard”?

Answer: witch


75. What is the plural of “Commander in chief”?

Answer: Commanders in chief

Section – C

General Mathematics


76. Simplify: (2/5) x  (-3/7) – (1/14) – (3/7) x (3/5)

Answer: -1/2


77. What should be added to twice the rational number -7/3 to get 3/7?

Answer: 107/21


78. The sum of three consecutive multiples of 11 is 363. What is the middle term?

Answer: 121


79. Bansi has three times as many two rupee coins as he has five rupee coins. If he has in all a sum of Rs 77, how many two rupee coins does he have?

Answer: 21


80. The digits of a two digit number differ by 3. If the digits are interchanged and the resulting number is added to the original number, we get 143. What can be the original number?

Answer: 85


81. Arjun is twice as old as Shriya. 5 years ago, his age was three times Shriya’s age. What is Arjun’s present age?

Answer: 20 years


82. The value of x in the equation:  (6x + 1 )/3   + 1    = (x – 3)/6

Answer: -1


83. Find the number of sides of a regular polygon whose each exterior angle has a measure of 45°?

Answer: 8


84. Which of the following numbers is a perfect square?

Answer: 7921


85. In a right triangle, the length of the hypotenuse and a side is respectively 5cm and 3cm. What is the length of the remaining side?

Answer: 4cm


86. By which smallest natural number 53240 be divided so that the quotient is a perfect cube?

Answer:  5 


87. An item marked at Rs 840 is sold for Rs 714. What is the discount percentage?

Answer: 15%


88. Sohan bought a second-hand refrigerator for Rs 2500, then spent Rs 500 on its repairs and sold it for Rs 3300. Find his loss or gain percent?

Answer: Profit 10%


89. A sum of Rs. 10000 is borrowed at the rate of interest 15% per annum for 2 years. What will be the simple interest on this sum at the end of 2 years?

Answer: Rs. 3000


90. Subtracting 5x^2  – 4y^2 + 6y – 3 from 7x^2  – 4xy +8y^2 + 5x – 3y gives

Answer: 2x^2 – 4xy +12y^2 +5x – 9y + 3 


91. What is the value of: 3y(2y-7) – 3(y-4) -63 if y=-2?

Answer: 21


92. The perimeter of a parallelogram with sides of 7 cm and 12 cm length is

Answer: 38cm


93. Which of the following about a parallelogram is true?

Answer: Diagonals bisect one another


94. The area of a trapezium-shaped field is 480 m square, the distance between two parallel sides is 15m and length of one of the parallel side is 20m. What is the length of the other parallel side?

Answer: 44m


95.  Area of a rhombus is 240 CM square and one of the diagonals is 16 cm. The length of the other diagonal is

Answer: 30 cm


96. An aquarium is in the form of a cuboid who is external measures (length x breath x height) are 80 CM x 30 cm x 40 cm. The base, side faces, and back faces are to be covered with a colored paper. What will be the area of the paper needed?

Answer: 8000 cm^2


97. Find the height of a cylinder whose radius is 7 cm and the total surface area is 968 CM square?

Answer: 15 cm


98.  Simplify {(1/3)^-2   –   (1/2)^-3}    /  (1/4)^-2 

Answer: 1/16


99. What is the value of m: (-3)^(m+1) x (-3)^5 = (-3)^7?

Answer: 1


100. The mass of the earth is 5.97 x 10^24 kg and the mass of the moon is 7.35 x 10^22kg. What is the total mass?

Answer: 604.35×10^22 kg