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  1. Without any stoppage, a person travels a certain distance at an average speed of 80km/hr and with stoppage he covers the same distance at an average speed of 60km/hr. How many minutes per hour does he stop?

  2. A train leaves the station 1 hour before scheduled time. The driver decreases its speed by 2km/hr. At the next station 60km away, the train reached on time. Find the original speed of the train.

  3. A thief is spotted by a policeman at a distance of 200m. When the policeman starts to chase, the thief also starts running. The speed of the thief and policeman are 10km/hr and 14km/hr respectively. How far will the thief run before he is caught?

  4. The ratio between the speeds of Hemant and Nitish is 6:7. If Hemant takes 30 minutes more than Nitish to cover a distance, find the actual time taken by Hemant and Nitish?

  5. A man tries to ascend a greased pole 101m high, He ascends 10m in the first minute and slips down 1m in the alternate minute. If he continues to ascend this way, how long will he take to reach the top?

  6. A train running at 25km/hr takes 18 sec to pass a platform. Next, it takes 12 seconds to pass a man walking at 5km/hr in the opposite direction. Find the length of the train and the platform?

  7. Two trains of length 200m and 250m respectively with different speeds pass a static pole in 8 sec and 14 sec respectively. In what time will they cross each other when thet are moving in the same direction?

  8. A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction as the train is moving at the rate of 2km/hr and 4 km/hr and pass them completely in 9 sec and 10 sec respectively. Find the speed and length of the train.

  9. A train after traveling 50km meets with an accident and then proceeds at 3/4th of its former speed and arrives at its destination 35 min late. Had the accident occurred 24km further, it would have reached the destination only 25 min late. Find the speed of the train and the distance which the train travels.